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Vaping vs Smoking

Each cigarette contains more than 4000 carcinogenic toxins, produces a bad smell, is responsible for more than 6 million deaths a year and the average cost of a casual smoker is more than 1000$ per year, in addition to the fact that the casual smoker is not aware of the damage it can cause to the people around it.On the other hand, the Vape uses main natural ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, USP grade propyglen glycol, nicotine (which is not harmful, it is found even in vegetables) and natural flavorings. It leaves a pleasant smell and there are infinities of flavors for the varied tastes of people, it is also proven that more than 70% of people who start vaping leave the common cigarette and the average annual cost is 400$


Pioneers of vaping in Bolivia, with a history of more than 15 years in the market, backed by several brands recognized worldwide, we are not just another brand, we are a lifestyle, our reputation is not due to our years as a store, but to our years changing lives, because we do difficult things well.
Who Are We?
Fury Vaping was born in 2005, being one of the first vape shops worldwide, revolutionizing the domestic market and maintaining a competitive image, characterizing itself as the experienced and knowledgeable vaper of the product, presenting high-quality products and attention to detail. The secret lies in the experience in the field guaranteed by the years in which it has set trends and the personalized attention for each requirement of our clients, with whom we share this lifestyle.
Our Community
We are that family that you can choose from, convinced that the value of the human being lies in what we offer, that is why we will always provide you with the best care and quality.
Our Niche
Fury Vaping over the years and through experience has created a community that stands out in the world of vaping, in which its clientele is satisfied with unique and innovative products.
Our Promise
Fury Vaping will always give you the best and we like to translate it into our products and care, where our greatest competition is ourselves. We believe that the quality that distinguishes us is that of giving.